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  • "Hurticinum" del Frantoio Agostini a gold metal winner at 2018 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition

Agostini Hurticinum 義大利不限單一品種 莊園級冷壓初榨橄欖油 HURTICINUM

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來自Frantoio Agostini莊園的特級初榨橄欖油 HURTICINUM 

原產地:100%義大利生產品種:90%Leccino 10% , 其他品種
採摘時間 & 採摘方式:精心挑選於奧斯伯/ 每年十月到十一月手摘

最大酸度 : 0.24

口感 & 風味:連續循環,冷榨(收穫後6/12小時內)顏色金黃,淺綠色植物味道
提示新鮮的草,朝鮮薊 ,羅勒,黑胡椒的生菜和香調。它的味道優雅複雜,白蘋果,番茄和甜杏仁美味。 苦澀和辛辣並存平衡。

適合搭配食物 :精緻的菜餚,如豆類,上菜時第一道魚肉料理,蒸魚,蔬菜。

Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Frantoio Agostini HURTICINUM - DELICATO
Country of Origin: 100% Made in Italy Cultivar: 90% Leccino 10% others
Type and Harvesting period: handpicked in October/November
Extraction system: continuous Cycle, cold pressing (within the first 6/12 hours after the harvesting) Color: golden yellow with light green hues. 
Taste/Flavor: its aroma is sample and round, with vegetal hints of freshly mown grass, artichoke, lettuce and fragrant notes of basil, sage and black pepper. Its taste is elegant and complex, with fruity notes of white apple, unripe tomato and sweet almond finish. Bitterness and pungency are present and balanced.
Food Pairing: ideal for enhancing delicate dishes, such as legumes, first fish course, steamed fish, vegetables
Product sizes: 250ml / 500 ml/  Bottles 

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