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Acetomodena Nero Future Modena IGP 8年摩德納認證陳釀巴薩米克醋

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8年摩德納巴薩米克醋從  Acetomodena 250毫升 Goccia Nero _ Future

密度: 1.15。 



8 years Vinegar from Acetomodena 250 ml Goccia Nera

Goccia Nera has a density of 1.15. It is a mature balsamic and the skill in the blending and aging in oak and chestnut barrels results in a rounded sweet perfume with a delicate acidity. 

It’s the classic type of balsamic that people from Modena use with salads. 

Its light and fresh. Taste: A pleasant hit of acidity, while maintaining a light balsamic sweetness. 

Versa le, great with raw and cooked vegetables, meats, cheeses, salads. 

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